Fleet training

We have now turned our attention to fleet training. This is an area where both companies and their driving personnel can together achieve great benefits. Great fuel savings and economies of running  a fleet. Better, less stressed and more efficient drivers giving the company an improved corporate image. Also complying with Health & Safety Regulations.

Why is there a need for Fleet Training?

Companies are responsible for the welfare of their staff so far as it is reasonable and practicable. There are several laws in place both to help and guide employers.  

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as it is reasonable and practicable, the Health & Safety and welfare at work of all their employees.

The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

This act places a duty on the employers to assess and manage risks to their employees and others arising from work activities. Employers must also make arrangements to ensure Health & Safety of the workplace including plans for emergencies, and adequate information and training for employees.

Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 –

The act sets out new offences for convicting an organisation when a gross failure in the way were managed or organised results in a person’s death.

Developing correct attitudes

A fleet trainer will identify the individual needs of those who drive for a living or have to drive as part of their daily work routine in order to attend meetings and other appointments.

In addition Fleet Managers have a duty to care towards their staff to see that they receive training in company vehicles.

Companies of all sizes are constantly looking for ways to reduce their fleet fuel bills and general running costs. They are therefore becoming more interested in ECO Safe driving methods. Developing correct attitudes not only saves lives and injuries, but can also reduce fleet fuel costs by up to 8 – 10%. Thus making training a cost-effective option.


Why do you need Fleet Training & Risk Assessment Evaluation?

As an employer, you are responsible for all your staff whether based at your premises or out on the road carrying out company business.

Yet according to the latest figures available, only 8% of company employed drivers have had any training. Despite the fact training is the single most effective measure a company can take to achieve three key objectives:  

• Health and Safety Compliance
• Driver and vehicle efficiency
• Driver and vehicle safety

Fleet Training benefits include…

To the Company: 

• Continuous improvement of road safety
• Reduced insurance claims and costs
• Reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear
• Reduced staff and vehicle downtime
• Improved corporate image for customers and the public
• Demonstrates a commitment to compliance with Health & Safety Standards

For the Drivers:

• Less driving related stress
• Less chance of personal injury
• Improved efficiency
• Feeling of worth

Drivers and vehicles have an important role in a companies operations and activities. Impacting heavily on its costs and profits, thus it is of vital importance that drivers and vehicles are well maintained.


What can we offer your company

We start with an individual Risk Assessment.

We look to achieve a change in driver attitude and behaviour and provide the driver with the potential to survive on today’s busy roads. With improved driver skills and enhanced awareness this will raise driver standards. It will also safeguard the welfare of employees who drive as part of their work activity.

We can offer and deliver a wide range of courses that will fulfil your company’s requirements.

• Individual Driver Risk Assessment
• Accident and Speed Awareness
• ECO Safe Driving
• Managing Road Risk 

We aim to provide services to deliver dynamic results, and changes in driver attitude and behaviour, achieving both immediate and long term benefits to drivers and vehicle fleets.

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